Substances in Arthrovale® products

The bioactive form of glucosamine und chondroitin is glucosamine sulphate or chondroitin sulphate. The connection with the sulphuric acid’s salt let form substances which can be absorbed by the human organism.


Glucosamine is a significant component of the water-retentive protein proteoglycane. It occurs commonly in nature, in both animals (including mussels) and plants.

In general human nutrition, glucosamine is to be designated a “conditionally essential nutrient”. It is a basic nutrient for tendons, cartilage and joints.

Since increasing our intake of glucosamine in our diet is questionable, it must be additionally absorbed, like ARTHROVALE, which is taken as a capsule. There are indications that glucosamine soothes pain.


In turn, chondroitin sulphate contributes towards transporting fluid, and with it nutrients, to cartilage and tendon tissue. It is a vital building block of articular cartilage.

While other tissue cells get their nutrients from the blood, cartilage depends entirely on synovial fluid. It is noted that the intake of chondroitin sulphate can delay cartilage reduction.

The radical scavengers selenium and vitamin E effectively support the two cartilage protecting substances.